Mia made her 3rd CD 'Hän' ('Him') with the...


To the band Seven belong six ladies at different ages from different parts of Finland. Marja Pihlaja is a choir leader. Maija, Maiju, Sini and Säde sing in the youth singing group and Mia Joki is a singer and songmaker. The singers of the band are brought together by love towards Him, who once walked among us and who now lives in the glory of Heaven, where the eyes of the singers are already fixed on. They have a vision to take the gospel to different places and reach different age groups.

Why is the name of the band 'Seven', although there are six people in it? Local newspaper wrote about the band appropriately 'The seventh member of Heaven'

The group Seven's birth


We wanted to make an album, which would in everything bring forth only Him: the Son of God.  We wanted to gather a group, where people would be  serious concerning the Hero of the album. Different people of different age groups, who have as a combining factor the willingness to carry a torch of light in our dark world. That light doesn't come from ourselves, but from Him who lives in our hearts. We didn't want to gather a group, where all would be full of themselves, but a group, where Jesus would get the glory and room of the work.


Finally ours prayers were answered and we had together four young people from the youth singing group: Maiju Järvinen, Sini Roininen, Maija Meskanen ja Säde Hakala, choir leader Marja Pihlaja and songmaker Mia Joki. We knew the name of the band before finding the group, so the number was right, when 'the seventh Member of Heaven' was included. The group Seven was born.


The group Seven tell: "He gave the gift of playing music and singing, now we want to use our talents for His glory. It took many months to make the album. In every situation we prayed that God would lead the whole project and so He did, it was seen from the result. When we listened to the ready master, tears came to our eyes. He was present on this Cd."



It came 24.6.02, when the album was released in the Crypt of Helsinki Cathedral. The group Seven was for the first time performing together, and at once before hundreds of spectators. In the Crypt there is a good natural sounding board and the setting was rugged, but beautiful. The band silently thanked God that they got the church as their publishing place.

There were a lot of people. The dusky church was filled with deep, devout atmosphere. The listeners seemed to have been stopped at the moving topics of the songs. They touched people. After speech, this day became the great day for some people. When a human being finds the way of life, it's the best that ever can happen to him or her.

Everybody seems to be deeply happy for for the evening. The album 'Hän' had been released. The album, whose cover portrays the man, who has the keys of live.

Is it you?

At Tullikamari Pakkahuone, in Tampere (Finland), together with Base'N'Helen, Juha Tapio and Sabio heard also music of the group Seven. The audience were young. The place was coloured with spotlights, otherwise it was dark. In the midst of pink smoke the words of a song were heard. 'You asked why this world is suffering so much? Doesn't God care, Doesn't He love this world? But God says: If my people turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves and pray for Me, then the Heaven will open up. I'll heal the earth, I'll forgive. I'll give mercy to you'. So pray and work, for He would save a city for one righteous person. Is it you? For He is looking for a faithful one.'

On the tour

The publishing tour of the album 'Hän' started from Helsinki and went through Tampere to Toijala, where most of the group are from. The auditorium of the City Center School had been decorated with flower trees. The singers were exercising until the clock came near 17.

The auditorium was filled with people, more chairs were brought in and people were streaming through the door. Local newspapers had invited people to listen to heavenly songs. The band Seven sang about the beauty of the nature, God as the wonderful Creator and the importance of Jesus in every human being's life. The singers told about their own experiences living themselves with the Son of God. At the last singers were covered with flowers.

The audience got with them a bookmark, printed of the cover of the album, where was written: 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (John 14:27)